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On the other was the house of Lancaster, with a red rose as its emblem. • The wars began when Lancastrian king Henry VI became insane in 1453. With the country in chaos, Warwick the 'kingmaker' set up Richard, duke of York as Protector in Henry's place. • In 1455, Henry VI seemed to recover and war broke out between Lancastrians and Yorkists . Richard was killed at the Battle of Wakefield in • 1460, but Henry VI became insane again . • York, in 1461, put Richard's son on the throne as Edward IV.

At first, the armour was simply shirts of mail, made from linked rings of iron. By the 1400s, most knights wore full suits of plate armour. • Knights rode into battle on a horse called a destrier, or warhorse, and usually had an easy-going horse called a pal fry just for travelling, plus a packhorse called a sumpter. • Knights had a strict code • • • • • of honour called chivalry from chevalier, the French for 'horseman'. ~ MflilClln/ klllglttS \\I('['C n/wnys rcnliy to fig/IlIa licfcllri theIr 0\\111 ItOIlOllr nllrilltnr of Illeir /orli.

58 • Christopher Columbus ( 14511596) was the Genoese sailor who crossed the Atlantic and 'discovered' North and South America for Europe. • Columbus was not the first European to cross the Atlantic. The Vikings, for instance, settled In ewfoundland in AD 1004. But it is Columbus's discovery that lasted. • Other sailors were trying to find their way to China and the east by sailing south round Africa. Columbus, realizing the Earth is round, wanted to strike out west across the open Atlantic Ocean and reach China that way.

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