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By Anne Mather

ISBN-10: 0263123316

ISBN-13: 9780263123319

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Actually, no. I meant—something stronger,' she admitted, shifting a little awkwardly. 'Um—gin? Vodka? ' Ben thrust his hands into the pockets of his robe. 'I think I have some brandy,' he remarked coolly. Then, when her nod revealed her acquiescence, he drew a taut breath. 'I'll get it,' he said, and indicated the tapestry-covered sofa beneath the windows. 'Why don't you sit down? ' But when he came back, carrying the bottle of cognac and two fine Murano glasses, she was still on her feet, standing by the window, her whole attitude one of suppressed trepidation.

I—didn't say that, exactly,' he temporised quickly, glancing back towards the car and then deciding to leave the cases until later. 'Um—I could do with a long, cool drink right now. ' Sophia gave him a last considering look before leading the way into the villa. For the moment she was diverted, but Ben knew better than to think his mother would forget his clumsy denial. The villa, which Guido had bought for her, was much larger than had been needed for one woman and a boy. The spacious rooms, with their cool tiled floors, were elegantly furnished—more elegantly furnished than the house Ben remembered living in in Genoa—and he had often wondered whether Sophia's plan had been to compete in some way with Guido's new home in London.

Cass got up from the stool and walked blindly across to the window, wrapping her arms around her waist and staring down into the yard below without really seeing it. 'You've decided you don't want the responsibility. OK. I'll make some other arrangement. But I'm not going back to Roger and that's—' 'I haven't suggested you should,' Ben interrupted her sharply, halting her emotional outburst. 'Stop jumping to conclusions that haven't been reached. I just want you to be sure you know what you're doing.

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