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L. -lVIale antenna with penultimate segment Yz as long as last; antennal hook long, narrow, reaching base of flagellomere IX; flagellomere III subequal to IV, apical flagcllomeres as long as basal ones (Fig. 64); tongue when extended reaching beyond mid coxa; last segment of labial palpus so reduced it appears 3-segmented; mandibles short, stout, 4-toothed in both sexes (Fig. 64, 65) ; clypeus broad, evenly convex in males, flatter in females; interantennal tubercle fiat, not prominent; frons with a median pigmented spot; interocellar area with 2 raised, oblique swellings; postocular area lobelike; basal lateral ridge on hind face of propodeul11; upper propodeal lamella not pigmented; abdominal segment I short, broad; sternite I twice as broad as long; tergite I not overlapping sternite I ventrally; sternite II with basal, median suture; male genitalia as in Fig.

Punctation dense, alveolate on head, thorax; punctures on frons, vertex and sunm1it of scutum contiguous; mesopleura with small round pits, 7'3 as large as ocelli, shagreened with few small scattered pits laterally on propodeum; tergal pits with incomplete hind margins, those on sternites complete. Clypeus with broad shallow crescentic emargination medially; interocellar area with 2 raised, punctate, oblong welts along inner margins of lateral ocelli; ocelli 3 times larger than surrounding punctures; pronotal carina projecting at humerus, discontinuous laterally below angle; upper propodeal lamella sinuous in profile; apex of tergite I swollen, subapically smooth-indented, tergite II subapically indented by pit row, apex swollen, reflexed; genitalia as in Fig.

Cascyta ~~mbellata, Croton. Variation. - Structural and color characters are fairly constant among the few specimens known. -The elongate, flared second tergite immediately separates this from other known American Leptochihts. The mouthparts are shorter than in the other species of this group. -Arizona and New Mexico (Map 3). Leptochilus ellenae, new species (Fig. -Black; the following with whitish markings: Mandibles beneath, c1ypeus, scape in front, medial spot on frons, front margin of pronotum, spot on mesopleura, tegula except for central spot, parategula partially, band across scutellum, legs partly, apical bands on tergites I-II, sternites II-III; brick red beneath flagellomeres, legs partially, most of propodeu111, abdominal segment I, spots laterobasal on tergite II, wing bases; wings very lightly stained.

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