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Add the partial sum 6 to the tens. 1,000 2,000 300 500 10 90 ones 6 0 6ϩ0ϭ6 6 10 ϩ 90 106 Add the partial 106 sum 106 to the 300 hundreds. ϩ 500 906 Add the partial 906 sum 906 to the 1,000 thousands. ϩ 2,000 3,906 1,316 ϩ 2,590 = 3,906 33 Rounding to Y hundreds tens ones ou can estimate the answer to an addition problem by rounding each number to the greatest (largest) place value. The greatest place value of the numbers 329 and 674 is the hundreds place. 329 674 When you round to the hundreds place, look at the tens place.

Now add 3 nickels. Begin at 45 and count by fives. After 45 is 50, 55, 60. You have 60¢ so far. Now add the 6 pennies. Begin at 60 and count by ones. After 60 is 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66. You have a total of 66 cents. 39 Adding T o add time values, add minutes to minutes, and hours to hours. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes Write the problem in columns. Line up matching units. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes Add minutes first. Add just as you would any two-digit number. 2 hours 22 minutes ϩ 5 hours 10 minutes 32 minutes Add hours.

21 bottles ϩ 55 bottles ϭ 76 bottles Trisha’s class collected 76 bottles all together. 43 Word M ath problems are everywhere, but they are usually in the form of word problems. Changing word problems into math problems is a skill you use every day. Suppose you collect model cars. You have 17 model cars at home. You find a box at a yard sale that has 9 model cars in it. How many model cars will you have in all if you buy the cars at the yard sale? 44 Problems 1 Read the problem carefully. Find what you know: There are 17 cars at home and 9 at the yard sale.

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