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By Dorothy Garlock

ISBN-10: 0759562733

ISBN-13: 9780759562738

From the instant Baptiste Lightbody stumbled on attractive Maggie within the Missouri Territory, he knew they have been elements of a similar spirit. kept away from by means of an international that known as him a half-breed, and her a witch, they courageous the desert to discover a paradise in their personal. yet Lightfoot and Maggie quickly face a attempt which may holiday their hearts, or unite them endlessly.

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We’ll lie in our blankets all day and all night and make love whenever you want. ” He pulled the blanket off her naked body and stood. Maggie jumped up and grabbed for the blanket. Light twisted away from her, laughing, holding the blanket out of her reach. “No. No, sweet one. Get dressed. ” “Who? ” Maggie spun around, her crossed arms over her naked breasts. “Squirrel. ” Light pointed to a tree branch threw back his head and laughed. “Pooh on ya, Mr. ” DOROTHY GARLOCK 47 Maggie spread her arms and, naked as the day she was born, bowed to her husband and began to dance.

DOROTHY GARLOCK 35 As Light watched, the Delaware discovered the fresh cuts on the branches Light had made the night before when he had gathered brush to pile in front of the cave entrance. Light’s gaze traveled in a widening circle until he was reasonably sure the brave was alone. Then he slipped back behind the thicket of thornberry, flattening himself against the wall, and waited. With tomahawk raised, the Delaware moved along the cliff toward the mouth of the cave. Light could hear the scrape of the Indian’s buckskins against the rock wall.

Light could hear the scrape of the Indian’s buckskins against the rock wall. He came to a spot where Light could see him through the concealing brush. The man was short, no longer young, and dirty even for a Delaware. A chill of apprehension washed over Light. Should Maggie awaken and come to the opening, the brave would be sure to attack her with his tomahawk. Now the Indian moved to the other side of the opening within an arm’s length of where Light stood. At that moment one of the horses stamped and blew air through its lips.

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