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Content material: Ch. 1. the basics of mineral food -- ch. 2. The chemistry of chelation -- ch. three. The historical past of dietary chelates -- ch. four. the necessities for a nutritionally practical chelate -- ch. five. the advance of analytical the way to end up amino acid chelation -- ch. 6. Absorption of amino acid chelates from the alimentary canal -- ch. 7. The pathways for absorption of an amino acid chelate -- ch. eight. The absorption of amino acid chelates by means of energetic delivery -- ch. nine. The absorption of amino acid chelates by means of facilitated diffusion -- ch. 10. The destiny of amino acid chelates within the mucosal mobile -- ch. eleven. The uptake of amino acid chelates into and out of the plasma -- ch. 12. Tissue metabolism of amino acid chelates -- ch. thirteen. a few metabolic responses of the physique to amino acid chelates -- ch. 14. Toxicity of amino acid chelates -- ch. 15. The absorption and metabolism of amino acid chelates

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The purpose of this chapter is to review, on an elementary level, the chemical characteristics of a chelate. Any metal that is chelated must meet specific criteria. 11 Even if the mineral is chelated, the resulting molecule is not guaranteed to enhance mineral absorption. The criteria for a nutritionally functional chelate are discussed in the next chapter. 12 He was able to synthesize a copper bisglycinate molecule by bonding two moles of glycine to one mole of copper. Ley inferred that a chemical reaction had occurred in the solution of copper ions and glycine due to observing a color change.

Following exposure to the metal source, the intestinal segments were removed, washed six times in the Krebs-Ringer buffer solution, and dried. Each intestinal segment was then digested and analyzed for metal content by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. 22,41 For the first time, a controlled, clinical study proved that when minerals were chelated to amino acids, the intestinal uptake of those minerals was greater than absorption of the same minerals in an inorganic salt form. To the surprise of the investigators, however, the study also showed that the different hydrolyzed protein sources being employed as ligands resulted in different mineral absorption rates, although generally, the mineral absorptions from the chelated sources were greater than from the salt sources.

S. thesis, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 2009. 15. Brown, T, LeMay, H, and Brusten, B, Chemistry: The Central Science (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall) 887–891, 1991. 16. Bruni, G, and Fornara, J, Rend Atti R (Rome: Acad dei Lincei Roma) 13:26, 1904. 17. , Chelating Agents and Metal Chelates (New York: Academic Press) 1–48, 1964. 18. Kratzer, FH, and Vohra, P, Chelates in Nutrition (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press) 1986. 19. Conrad, R, and Nakamoto, K, “Infrared spectra and normal coordinate analysis of metal glycine complexes,” J Chem Phys 42:2590–2598, 1965.

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