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D. 12' These are I. L. , 1970, 26B, 765. C. Toniolo, J. Phys. , 1970,74, 1390. lZ1 J. C. Craig and W. E. Pereira, Tetrahedron, 1970, 26, 3457. 128 G. Barth, W. Voelter, E. Bunnenberg, and C. Djerassi, Chem. , 1969, 3 5 5 . lZ5 J. C. Craig and W. E. Pereira, Tetrahedron Letters, 1970, 1563. 124 S. Yamada, K. Achiwa, S. Terashima, H. Mimno, N. Takamara, and M. Legrand, Chem. and Pharm. Bull. (Japan), 1969, 17,2608. lZ6 N. Sakota, K. Okita, and Y. Matsui, Bull. Chem. SOC. Japan, 1970, 43, 1138. lS6 U.

PEACOCKE Part I: Primary Structures and Chemical Modilkation by R . N . Perham and J. Thomas 1 Introduction One of the pleasures in compiling this Report of advances in the study of primary structure and chemical modification of proteins during the year 1970 is the occasional rediscovery of a delightful piece of work that, somehow, escaped one’s proper attention at the time of its publication. The horror comes in having to attempt to condense the mass of relevant material logically and fairly into an article of reasonable (or even unreasonable) length.

Sac. Japan, 1970, 43, 2159. G. Mizuraca, R. A. Nicolaus, G. Prota, and G. Ghiara, Experientia, 1969, 25, 920. L. Minale, E. Fattorusso, S. De Stefano, and R. A. Nicolaus, Gazzetta, 1970, 100,461. G. Prota, S. Crescenzi, G. Misuraca, and G. A. Nicolaus, Experientia, 1970,26, 1058. C. H. Brieskorn and A. Mosande, Tetrahedron Letters, 1970, 109. A. Hikosaka and J. Kumanotani, Bull. Chem. Japan, 1970,43,2620. E. H. Abbott and A. E. Martell, J. Amer. Chem. ,1970, 92, 1745. r. ~~~ In acid solution, (61) 4- H,N*CH-CO,- I CHOH is formed by the interaction of aminomalonic acid with two molecules of 5-deoxyp yridoxal .

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