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By Betty Neels


ISBN-13: 0263824659730

ISBN-10: 0263824659

ISBN-13: 9780263824650

A most fitted match! 

Louisa Howarth loved her task as a doctor's receptionist—until Dr. Thomas Gifford seemed at the scene. She came across Thomas aloof and important, yet quite beautiful. So whilst Louisa found he was once engaged to the utterly flawed Helena, she determined it used to be her responsibility to prevent Thomas from creating a bad mistake. yet Louisa hadn't counted on her transforming into emotions for Thomas, or at the probability that it wasn't Helena he desired to marry in spite of everything!

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Don't you like men? ' `Well, of course I like men. And I do have a boyfriend. ' She began sorting the morning's work--patients' notes, phone calls to make, accounts to deal with. She turned to the computer and stared into its blank face. She wasn't sure that Percy would like to be described as a boyfriend. It would be beneath his dignity, and smacked of a relationship which he would never tolerate. Nor would she, for that matter--not that he had ever asked her opinion. Percy, an inch shorter than she was, would have liked to call her his 'little woman', only great strapping girls such as she could never be that.

Louisa sat down at her desk, and since there were no patients for the moment Mrs Grant popped out of her little treatment room. `Jilly's gone for coffee,' she said. 'She may be pretty but, my goodness, she's slow. What was all that about? ' `I'm sure he's a very pleasant kind of man,' said Louisa, not meaning a word of it. ' Mrs Grant cast her a shrewd look. `Dilly is delighted with anyone wearing trousers. ' She smiled suddenly. ' Louisa said without conceit, 'But I'm big, aren't I? ' Mrs Grant laughed.

He looked up as there was a tap on the door and Mrs Grant came in. And the- whole business was gone over again. If Mrs Grant was surprised she didn't allow it to show. `Of course I'll do all I can to help, Sir James. ' She smiled at him and then at Dr Gifford, who smiled back at her--nicely too, Louisa noted. He hadn't said a word but she rather fancied that he had had a good part in the planning. Sir James was a brilliant man but liked someone else to dot his I's and cross his 'es. She gave a surreptitious glance at the desk and saw that the papers were maps of the Middle East and some airline ticket folders.

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