Angels Are Everywhere. What They Are, Where They Come From, by Karen Romano Young PDF

By Karen Romano Young

ISBN-10: 1416997687

ISBN-13: 9781416997689

WHAT they're, the place they arrive FROM, AND WHAT THEY DO

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Without burning himself, one seraph picked up a live coal and used it to cleanse Isaiah’s lips so that he could speak to God. Most famous seraph: Raphael. More: Enoch said that the seraphim burn the books of Satan, in which he keeps lists of the sins of Israel. 3. Ophanim or Thrones: Where God Rests Job: Thrones are the chariots of God, with a seat and wheels. The cherubim drive them. They rule over the laws of nature and of justice. As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces.

IS THIS AN ANGEL? Cupid shows up on Valentine’s Day to shoot his arrow at lovers to make them find each other more appealing. He has wings, and nowadays he looks like a cherub—that is, a putti, a fat baby angel. In the past, Cupid looked more like an angel—usually a young, male one. But Cupid has his roots in mythology. He is modeled on the Greek god Eros (or the Roman god Amor), who was the god of love. So the angels nearest Earth are actually the lowest of the angels. Like all angels, they are without sin.

Later, when God tests Abraham, telling him to kill Isaac, an angel stops Abraham from doing it. THE ANGEL OF DEATH What really happens when you die? Your answer may depend on whether you’ve had a near-death experience, whether you believe the stories of those who have nearly died, or whether your religion or faith teaches you something about life after death. People of many religions believe in an Angel of Death. Since angels travel between the physical world and the non-physical world, it seems natural that they would accompany people as their souls leave their physical bodies and cross over into the nonphysical world.

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Angels Are Everywhere. What They Are, Where They Come From, and What They Do by Karen Romano Young

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