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By Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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The pigs are the 'clever' ones who can organise and teach, and in this chapter the antithetical, or contrasting, characters of Snowball and Napoleon are presented. Snowball is concerned with the ideological principles of Animalism and attempts to make Mollie see them too, eventually burning her ribbons when Jorres has been expelled . It is Snowball who changes the name on the gate to Animal Farm and who paints up the Seven Commandments. It is also Snowball who urges the animals offto the hayfield to get in the harvest.

Immediately afterwards we hear that Boxer's twelfth birthday is not far away. In these two opening paragraphs we have been prepared for the end of Boxer's working life and wonder what will be in store for him . The following five paragraphs deflect our attention from Boxer to the machinations and hypocrisy of the pigs. We have been well prepared for the collapse of Boxer - we know he is no longer strong and is looking forward to his retirement and we have just been reminded of the extent of the'pigs' hypocrisy and selfishness.

They assimilate the executions into their way of life. We hear that they now have to work very hard indeed, even harder than when Jones was in charge, and food is very short. However, as they can no longer remember these times very well Squealer has no difficulty in persuading them that they are wrong. Napoleon is becoming a cult figure; he is absolute ruler and is given inflated titles which suggest his good leadership and general benevolence. He is praised for everything that goes well and has a hymn composed to him which is written up on the wall of the bam at the opposite end to the Commandments.

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