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By Harry Turtledove, Ian Tregillis, Peter Orullian, Greg van Eekhout

What precisely is contained inside those near-4000 pages of fiction? try out the desk of contents below!

Table of Contents

1. once we have been Heroes, via Daniel Abraham
2. Olga, by means of C.T. Adams
3. starting place, via Ann Aguirre
4. the dep. of changes, by means of Gennifer Albin
5. The Fermi Paradox is Our enterprise version, via Charlie Jane Anders
6. Six Months, 3 Days, via Charlie Jane Anders
7. Intestate, by means of Charlie Jane Anders
8. Legacy misplaced, by means of Anna Banks
9. The Witch of Duva, via Leigh Bardugo
10. The Too-Clever Fox, by means of Leigh Bardugo
11. the woman Who Sang Rose Madder, through Elizabeth Bear
12. The Horrid Glory of Its Wings, via Elizabeth Bear
13. swifter Gun, via Elizabeth Bear
14. the ultimate Now, by means of Gregory Benford
15. Grace Immaculate, via Gregory Benford
16. Backscatter, by means of Gregory Benford
17. River of Souls, via Beth Bernobich
18. A Window or a Small field, by way of Jedediah Berry
19. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, via Michael Bishop
20. trap ‘Em within the Act, through Terry Bisson
21. TVA child, via Terry Bisson
22. The Cockroach Hat, by means of Terry Bisson
23. lets assemble, by way of Alex Bledsoe
24. Prophet, via Jennifer Bosworth
25. The Ruined Queen of Harvest international, by means of Damien Broderick
26. Time regarded as a sequence of Thermite Burns in No specific Order, by means of Damien Broderick
27. The reminiscence Coder, by way of Jessica Brody
28. The Desecrator, through Steven Brust
29. Brother. Prince. Snake., by way of Cecil Castellucci
30. we've continually Lived on Mars, through Cecil Castellucci
31. Our Human, via Adam Troy Castro
32. The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere, by way of John Chu
33. Fare Thee good, through Cathy Clamp
34. The common publication, via Jacob Clifton
35. What Makes a River, via Deborah Coates
36. The Ghosts of Christmas, via Paul Cornell
37. The Elephant within the Room, through Paul Cornell
38. Day One, by way of Matthew Costello
39. Am I unfastened To Go?, by means of Kathryn Cramer
40. travelers, by means of Sean Craven
41. Eve of Sin urban, via S.J. Day
42. The Cage, via A.M. Dellamonica
43. one of the Silvering Herd, by means of A.M. Dellamonica
44. Wild issues, by way of A.M. Dellamonica
45. issues That Make Me vulnerable and unusual Get Engineered Away, by means of Cory Doctorow
46. On 20468 Petercook, through Andy Duncan
47. The unusual Case of Mr. Salad Monday, via G.D. Falksen
48. males Who desire to Drown, by way of Elizabeth Fama
49. The Iron Shirts, by way of Michael Flynn
50. A fresh Sweep With all of the Trimmings, through James Alan Gardner
51. Lightbringers and Rainmakers, by means of Felix Gilman
52. coloration, by way of Steven Gould
53. insects within the Arroyo, through Steven Gould
54. Steampunk Quartet, via Eileen Gunn
55. mom, Crone, Maiden, through Cat Hellisen
56. The Ink Readers of Doi Saket, by way of Thomas Olde Heuvelt
57. Too Fond, through Leanna Renee Hieber
58. on the Foot of the Lighthouse, through Erin Hoffman
59. Ghost Hedgehog, by means of Nina Kiriki Hoffman
60. A Spell of Vengeance, through D.B. Jackson
61. The Cat Who Walked one thousand Miles, through Kij Johnson
62. Ponies, via Kij Johnson
63. loopy Me, by way of James Patrick Kelly
64. First Flight, through Mary Robinette Kowal
65. the right way to Make a Triffid, by means of Kelly Lagor
66. A Water topic, by means of Jay Lake
67. the rate of Time, via Jay Lake
68. The Starship Mechanic, by way of Jay Lake and Ken Scholes
69. costume Your Marines in White, via Emmy Laybourne
70. A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar shuttle, through Yoon Ha Lee
71. Uncle Flower’s Homecoming Waltz, via Marissa Lingen
72. Earth Hour, by means of Ken MacLeod
73. Farewell functionality, by means of Nick Mamatas
74. although Smoke Shall cover the solar, via Brit Mandelo
75. The Finite Canvas, by means of Brit Mandelo
76. The striking video game, through Helen Marshall
77. The Courtship of the Queen, via Bruce McAllister
78. Heads Will Roll, via Lish McBride
79. quick, Brutal Retaliation, by means of Meghan McCarron
80. arrangements, through Mark Mills
81. approximately Fairies, via Pat Murphy
82. hearth Above, fireplace less than, via Garth Nix
83. governed, by way of Caragh M. O’Brien
84. hi, Moto, by way of Nnedi Okorafor
85. Sacrifice of the 1st Sheason, through Peter Orullian
86. the nice safeguard of Layosah, via Peter Orullian
87. The conflict of the around, by way of Peter Orullian
88. Sweetheart, through Abbi Mei Otis
89. Ragnarok, by means of Paul Park
90. 4 Horsemen, at Their rest, via Richard Parks
91. The Rotten Beast, by way of Mary E. Pearson
92. Angel Season, through J.T. Petty
93. Silver Linings, by means of Tim Pratt
94. The Button guy and the homicide Tree, by way of Cherie Priest
95. Clockwork Fairies, through Cat Rambo
96. the following Invasion, by way of Robert Reed
97. Our Candidate, by means of Robert Reed
98. Swingers, via Robert Reed
99. The Cairn in Slater Woods, by means of Gina Rosati
100. Jack of cash, by means of Christopher Rowe
101. Jack and the Aktuals, or, actual functions of Transfinite Set thought, by way of Rudy Rucker
102. reliable evening, Moon, via Rudy Rucker
103. Loco, through Rudy Rucker
104. Jacks and Queens on the eco-friendly Mill, through Marie Rutkoski
105. The Film-Makers of Mars, by way of Geoff Ryman
106. Firstborn, by means of Brandon Sanderson
107. After the Coup, via John Scalzi
108. The President’s mind is lacking, by way of John Scalzi
109. Shadow battle of the evening Dragons, ebook One: The lifeless urban: Prologue, via John Scalzi
110. A Weeping Czar Beholds the Fallen Moon, by means of Ken Scholes
111. Making My front back With My traditional aptitude, by means of Ken Scholes
112. tales, by way of Ken Scholes
113. If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be chilly and transparent, through Ken Scholes
114. Rag and Bone, by way of Priya Sharma
115. don't contact, via Prudence Shen
116. The evening little ones: An get away From Furnace tale, through Alexander Gordon Smith
117. King of Marbury, by way of Andrew Smith
118. attractiveness Belongs to the vegetation, by way of Matthew Sanborn Smith
119. extra time, by means of Charles Stross
120. Down at the Farm, through Charles Stross
121. A Tall Tail, by way of Charles Stross
122. Zeppelin urban, through Michael Swanwick
123. The Trains That Climb the wintry weather Tree, by means of Michael Swanwick
124. The Dala Horse, through Michael Swanwick
125. The Mongolian Wizard, by way of Michael Swanwick
126. the hearth dress, by means of Michael Swanwick
127. Day of the Kraken, by means of Michael Swanwick
128. Eros, Philia, Agape, by means of Rachel Swirsky
129. A reminiscence of Wind, via Rachel Swirsky
130. The Monster’s Million Faces, by way of Rachel Swirsky
131. Portrait of Lisane da Patagnia, through Rachel Swirsky
132. Sing, by way of Karin Tidbeck
133. What healthcare professional Gottlieb observed, by way of Ian Tregillis
134. Vilcabamba, via Harry Turtledove
135. The megastar and the Rockets, by means of Harry Turtledove
136. the home That George outfitted, by means of Harry Turtledove
137. We Haven’t acquired There but, through Harry Turtledove
138. Shtetl Days, through Harry Turtledove
139. Lee on the Alamo, through Harry Turtledove
140. operating of the Bulls, by way of Harry Turtledove
141. the town Quiet as loss of life, via Steven Utley
142. the woman Who governed Fairyland—For a short while, via Catherynne M. Valente
143. Terrain, via Genevieve Valentine
144. final Son of the next day, via Greg van Eekhout
145. Errata, by way of Jeff VanderMeer
146. A Stroke of Dumb success, via Shiloh Walker
147. final teach to Jubilee Bay, by means of Kali Wallace
148. get away to different Worlds with technology Fiction, by way of Jo Walton
149. The Nostalgist, via Daniel H. Wilson
150. tremendous Bass, through Kai Ashante Wilson
151. The Palencar undertaking, by means of Gregory Benford, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., James Morrow, Michael Swanwick, and Gene Wolfe, Edited by way of David G. Hartwell

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The nights should have been time for restorative rest, but they had found their dreams populated by the data-ghosts of NeoAleksandrya, talkative phantoms that would not let the living slumber undisturbed. So they stayed up to keep the phantoms out, and the nights became time for tired companionship and reflection as the ablative winds howled in over the radgrave of NeoAleksandrya and assaulted the station’s bolted storm shutters. They talked about everything, just to stay awake. Sindermann, perhaps the greatest polymath the Upplander would ever have the honour of knowing in his long life, had a tireless tongue.

From the toe of the blade to the heel of the beard, it had a smile on it wider than a man’s hand-span, and it had kissed a whetstone just the night before. The axe is a simple machine, a lever that multiplies the force from your arm into the force delivered by the blade. The rudiments apply whether you’re splitting wood or men. Fith’s axe was a bone-cutter, a shield-breaker, a helm-cleaver, a death-edge, a cutter of threads. He was a hersir of the Ascommani aett, and he knew how to stand his ground.

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