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By Dana Goodyear

ISBN-10: 1101632062

ISBN-13: 9781101632062

New Yorker writer Dana Goodyear combines the fashion of Mary Roach with the on-the-ground meals savvy of Anthony Bourdain in a rollicking narrative examine the stunning extremes of the modern American nutrients world.
a brand new American delicacies is forming. Animals by no means earlier than thought of or lengthy on the grounds that forgotten are rising as cuisine. elements that was once for scrap are centerpieces. Ash and hay are trendy materials, and also you pay handsomely to respire flavored air. Going out to a pleasant dinner now usually precipitates a war of words with a primary query: Is that food?

Dana Goodyear’s expected debut, Anything That Moves, is at the same time a funny experience, a behind-the-scenes examine, and an try to comprehend the consequences of ways we consume. this can be a universe populated via insect-eaters and blood drinkers, avant-garde cooks who make meals out of roadside leaves and wooden, and others who serve endangered species and time table I drugs—a solid of characters, in different phrases, who flirt with chance, taboo, and disgust in pursuit of the elegant. at the back of them is an tricky community of scavengers, buyers, and pitchmen chargeable for introducing the infrequent and unique into undefined. this can be the perimeter of the fashionable American meal, yet to pass judgement on from heritage, it is going to now not be lengthy ahead of it reaches the relations desk. Anything That strikes is a hugely enjoyable, revelatory investigate the raucous, unusual, fascinatingly complicated global of up to date American foodstuff tradition, and the areas the place the intense is bleeding into the mainstream.

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But even if you live in a city hundreds of miles from the nearest factory farm, there are still lots of reasons to be concerned about who is producing—and how—the meat and dairy products you and your family consume. ANIMAL FEED—YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT . . AND WHAT THEY ATE Factory farm operators typically manage what animals eat in order to promote their growth and keep the overall costs of production low. However, what animals are fed directly affects the quality and safety of the meat and dairy products we consume.

And reforming the food system won’t harm the United States economically. The food industry isn’t going to go away, there aren’t going to be massive job cuts. People will still need to eat, but the money they spend for food—and the money the government spends on food—will wind up in different hands. The United States has incredibly productive farmland for grains, fruits, vegetables, and livestock. A reformed food industry would in many ways be more economically efficient. The obesity epidemic is now costing us about $100 billion a year.

Since we finished the movie, world events have only made the story more relevant and disturbing. In the summer of 2008, hundreds of thousands of infants in China were poisoned by milk containing the chemical melamine, which is used as a way of extending production while reducing costs and increasing profits. We in the United States have a slightly better system for policing our food supply than they have in China. But only slightly better, and the food industry is trying to lower our standards all the time.

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