New PDF release: Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C

By Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts

ISBN-10: 1411607244

ISBN-13: 9781411607248

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Food were famous as crucial for max development, profitable replica, and an infection prevention because the Forties; seeing that that point, the lion's percentage of nutrient study has thinking about defining their function in those procedures. round 1990, in spite of the fact that, a big shift begun within the manner that researchers considered a few foodstuff­ fairly the supplements.

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This adds to the confusion that can occur between the accuracy of an idea and its degree of acceptance. Experience shows that current acceptance is no guarantee of correctness. Without doubt, many standard ideas in medical science will eventually be superseded by others that are more accurate. Galileo Galilei and the Inquisition Galileo's belief in the Copernican System, which states that the earth and planets circle the sun, got him into trouble with the Catholic Church. The Inquisition upheld the authority of the Church, with the aim of eradicating heresies.

Sceptics claim that the new idea conflicts with established scientific fact and for this reason, they overlook positive results except when attempting to discredit them. The book that fuelled the vitamin C controversy, Linus Pauling’s “Vitamin C and the Common Cold”, was written specifically to answer the negative response of a well-known “sceptic”, Dr Victor Herbert. Herbert wrote to Pauling, suggesting that he should desist from making statements about vitamin C for which there was no evidence.

To appreciate the function of antioxidants, we have to know some chemistry. This simplified account provides the background for understanding the health benefits of ascorbate. Oxygen We might guess from the name that antioxidants have something to do with oxygen, the gas that makes up about a fifth of the earth’s atmosphere. It is common knowledge that oxygen is essential to life, but less well known that it can also be a deadly poison. To understand this paradox, we must look at the chemistry of oxygen as it relates to living beings such as ourselves.

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